Chucky Season 3 Part 2 Trailer has landed

Chucky Season 3 Part 2 Trailer has landed

Chucky is back again and looking a little worse for wear, though that's not going to stop him

Written 28th March 2024 | Subscribe to our Halloween newsletter

The time is getting near for Part 2 of Season 3 in Syfy's Chucky's shenaningans and what better way to get excited than to watch the official trailer which landed just days ago.

Watch the official trailer here:

Devoted followers of the Chucky franchise were left craving for more following the jaw-dropping finale of the initial portion of Chucky Season 3 aired on SYFY and USA Network. 

A gripping, tension-filled journey is yet to come!

Judging by appearances, the latter half of the season is poised to be a gripping, tension-filled journey that will captivate viewers until the very end. Chucky, the infamous killer doll voiced by Brad Dourif, grapples with the harsh reality of his own mortality. Despite facing the inevitable effects of aging, Chucky is determined to make his exit from the world with an unforgettable impact. As the storyline progresses, fans can anticipate Chucky encountering unprecedented obstacles and threats as his power wanes. Tiffany, Chucky's partner in crime portrayed by Jennifer Tilly, is devising a daring escape plan, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative. Meanwhile, supernatural forces lurk within the corridors of the White House, setting the stage for a spine-chilling showdown.

The forthcoming segment guarantees an action-packed rollercoaster ride infused with adrenaline and gore, characteristic of what fans adore. With Chucky confronting the notion of permanent demise for the first time, viewers are left pondering how the notorious doll will navigate the challenging circumstances ahead. Despite his initial dismay, Chucky discovers a renewed sense of purpose, paving the way for an epic confrontation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Mark your calendars for April 10th at 10 p.m. as Season 3, Part 2, debuts on USA Network and SYFY. Prepare yourselves for an electrifying experience as Chucky unleashes chaos like never before, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next thrilling chapter in this enthralling saga.

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