Halloween Hotdogs ideas

Halloween Hotdogs ideas

Get into the spooky spirt of Halloween with delicious scary hotdogs

Written 1st December 2023 | Subscribe to our Halloween newsletter

Embrace the eerie essence of Halloween with delectably frightening hot dogs.

From spiders to mummies, hotdogs can rock many creepy looks. Give them a spooky makeover with these themed sausages. Slap on some ghostly toppings or stuff them into sinister buns for a tasty and Halloween vibe.

Mummy Hotdogs

These quite mummy hotdogs are made using Pillsbury (croissant) dough, ketchup and candy eyes. No bun is required making them a tasty spooky snack.

Full recipe can be found at The Modern Nonna

The Modern Nonna

Bloody Finger

Slice the top of the sausage to resemble a fingernail, and incise lines into the sausage to make a lifelike finger.

Full recipe can be found at Salty Canary

Salty Canary

Frankenweenie Hot Dogs

Slice mozzarella sticks to craft stitches, add pretzel sticks for bolts in the neck, toast the upper part for a hair-like texture and add condiments to mimic clothing. Finally add to a bun

Full recipe can be found at Everyday Dishes

Everyday Dishes

Simple Quick Hotdogs

Using a slice of onion and ketchup you can create a scary-looking finger. Topped with some spiders to make this even more terrifying.


Hotdog spiders

Slice the sausage to resemble spider legs, use dough to form the spider's body, and add olives to create its eyes.

Full recipe can be found at Emeals


Hotdog on stick

Add the hotdog to a kebab stick and cutout a face 

Hotdog spiders with spaghetti

Add the spaghetti before you cook the hot dogs. Add eyes with Ketchup

Full recipe can be found at Creative Market

Creative Market

Hotdog ghosts

Cut the hotdogs into 2-3 inches and slice the bottom part into legs. Add eyes using any brown sauce.


Mummy Figure Hotdogs

Only 2 ingredients required - hot dogs and crescent dough

Full recipe can be found at Mommy made that

Mommy Made That
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